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Sarah Newberry Ceramics

In 2010 Sarah moved to Taos from Michigan after graduating with a degree in fine arts and an appreciation of the open skies of New Mexico. She began an artist-in-residence position at Taos Clay. This residency gave her the opportunity to explore her artistic direction in clay. Now Sarah lives and works in Taos, NM as a full time studio potter. In October, 2015, she began a prestigious residency program with New York Artists Collaboration Gallery.

Sarah contacted WESST-Santa Fe when she heard about our “Start Smart Grow Strong” workshop series. At that time, she had an opportunity to purchase a local Taos business and wanted to learn about the business side of Art. Ultimately Sarah decided that the purchase was not a good idea for her. She moved forward with her creative exploration and developed a new look for her pottery.

Sarah has attended a number of workshops sponsored by WESST through the RBEG program, and she completed the Business Development series. On days when her ability to work on her art is challenged, she now has the skills to implement her marketing plan goals and keep track of her financials. She attributes those skills to her affiliation with WESST-Santa Fe.

By participating in the RBEG program, she has focused on pricing and her ability to develop her own style and branding. She has taken advantage of one-on-one consultations for pricing and marketing techniques and has worked closely with other WESST resources and clients who offer professional skill sets in the social media and website development arenas

Sarah’s pottery is beautiful and very distinctive. Her work is carried in six galleries as well as being sold online on Etsy.

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Sarah Newberry


Sarah Newberry Ceramics

"WESST-Santa Fe has helped me develop the business tools needed to market and price my line of pottery. They have been very encouraging and helped me to believe in my capabilities and myself."
Sarah Newberry
Taos, NM

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