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The Family Connection

The Family Connection works with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues providing services that span from therapy for depression and grief counseling to parenting support, couples counseling and beyond. In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, they offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of the clients individual needs to help attain the personal growth they’re striving for.

At an early age, Amanda learned how to be-in-charge of her own destiny. She had many challenges as a child and a young adult. If she wanted something, she became resourceful and funded her own first bike! That spirit of independence, determination and resilience has contributed to her success today as an entrepreneur. She ventured out into the mental health industry as an independent contractor in the early 2000’s. She eventually took an employment position, which led to her maternity leave being improperly administered, among other issues. She knew she could do better and started her own agency serving 40 clients herself in one week. Now she serves 450 clients a week through 4 locations and 43 team members!

When asked about obstacles she faced in starting her business, Amanda replied, “I don’t see things as obstacles but as challenges and opportunities. There is always a way. Failure is giving up.” Her biggest challenge was learning how to pave her own way in the mental health industry.  She overcame the “obstacles” really by having a different mindset. She really does internalize obstacles as opportunities. She is all about solutions.

Amanda, has relied on WESST’s programs and services since 2013. Amanda has logged over 200 consultation hours with WESST and has expanded her business from a single-site in Albuquerque to 4 locations across the state, with a 5th in Las Cruces coming soon.

Once the chaos of COVID-19 ensued, Amanda turned to WESST for business cashflow analysis support and explored various loss scenarios. While Amanda has mastered her financial systems, she still relies on WESST as her sounding board. Amanda wasted no time and applied for the Payroll Protection Program Loan and Economic Injury Disaster Loan. Both EIDL and PPP applications were successful, and roles were reversed — Amanda began advising WESST! She shared her experience so our team could better advise small business owners seeking help with their applications.

Amanda was also generous in leading a session with WESST’s team at our recent statewide staff meeting (held via Zoom) called “Bringing Peace in the Chaos” to help us more effectively manage the impacts that can come with supporting others in crisis. Amanda told us, “[As entrepreneurs] we’re used to not having a template. That’s why we have an idea that nobody else has. What’s important to us is having someone to walk alongside us.”

Through her entrepreneurial spirit, she has expanded her mental health locations from Rio Rancho, to Los Lunas and now Santa Fe. These locations contribute to the local economic development by providing additional career opportunities and expanding local commerce. More importantly, she has made a wide range of emotional and behavioral mental health treatments more accessible for first responders, families, couples and individuals. Mental health is increasingly more and more critical as we manage daily stresses and challenges.

Through community and personal impact, she is driven by helping make a positive change in people’s lives. Through her advocacy and vision, she will shape the future of mental health in our country.


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Amanda Davison


The Family Connection

"WESST has helped me develop from working in the business to working on the business, helping me to expand and create sustainable practices for my staff, clients and myself. Working with WESST has helped me step into being a business owner and I have grown tremendously, going from a couple of employees to 4 locations with an incredible team."
Amanda Davison
The Family Connection

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