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Juanita Finger is a talented artist-entrepreneur who hopes to one day have the craft of bead weaving recognized as a legitimate art form. She came to WESST in 2010 seeking assistance with marketing, website development, and sales techniques to help her grow her startup bead weaving business, Tokay Beaded Art.

Through a series of phone discussions between Ms. Finger and WESST consultants in Roswell and Santa Fe, WESST provided ideas and resources to help Ms. Finger increase name awareness for her business and expand her market beyond the southeastern New Mexico region.

Following the advice of WESST staff to expand her market, Ms. Finger entered her work in both national and international competitions and garnered numerous awards. In addition to appearing on her own website: www.beadedfinger.com, Ms. Finger’s work has also been featured in Bead and Button Magazine and in a coffee table book entitled, The Sea, Selections From the 1st International Miyuki Delica Challenge. She also teaches beading workshops throughout New Mexico and Texas and invitations to teach continue to increase.

As a direct result of WESST’s consulting, Ms. Finger has gained more professional name recognition within the beading and art forums as awareness of her unique skills and creative artistry spreads. Sale forecasts indicate continuing growth.

“Thanks to the encouragement and support of WESST, the demand for my work has continued to grow,” says Finger.

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