10 Content Creation Ideas to Keep your Blog Fresh

By Stacy Sacco | October 16, 2012

Coming up with fresh ideas for engaging high value content on a regular basis is an ongoing challenge that requires weekly, if not daily, attention. Fortunately, there are some things you can do and places you can look to help write interesting content and avoid spending hours staring at a blank page waiting to get inspired.

Bookmark this list of topical areas to inspire new content to keep your blog fresh, relevant and, most importantly, useful to your target audience.

1. User Tips and Techniques for your readers to better utlize your product or service and cut their costs. For example, a local pest-control service recently posted a series of articles about what bugs to be on the lookout for and how to protect your home with some everyday kitchen products (such as sprinkling diatomaceous earth on your window sill to keep out those pesky ants).

2. New Product or Service Announcements to let your readers know when these new items will be available. Also, include an easy-to-understand description with your key features and benefits, and especially your advantages over your competitors. I recently heard from a local mechanic saying that he is now offering a “green” service with several bulleted points regarding the ways I can save money by switching to his service.

3. Upcoming Events and Calendar Items such as a workshop you’re hosting, or a professional association meeting that you’re scheduled to speak at, or an invitation to visit your exhibit booth at an upcoming industry conference. One of my favorite local restaurants regularly informs their readers about the wine-tasting mixers they host the last Thursday of every month, and which wines they will be featuring.

4. New Personnel or Changes in Staff especially information about any staff that your readers work with directly. Be sure to include the benefits of these changes as seen through the eyes of your readers, and any relevant contact information including emails and phone numbers to keep everyone connected.

5. Customer Testimonials regarding the excellent experience they had with your product or service. You’ll want to avoid comments and quotes that sound too commercial though. Similarly, the blog For Bloggers By Bloggers suggests using Case Studies as an alternative format to add value and tell your story.

6. Connections to Resources including lists of local services that support small businesses, industry organizations, professional associations, government agencies, media lists, and workforce and educational programs, etc. Shorter lists are considered better than longer ones since the point is to make them easy to read. And be sure to include online links to any associated websites or other blogs.

7. Economic and Industry Data especially studies of any recent trends that might impact your readers’ businesses or markets. Your readers will appreciate knowing what’s coming their way so they can better prepare for any new challenges or take advantage of any new sales opportunities.

8. Website, Articles or Books of Interest. Similar to including economic and industry trends, references and links to topical articles or books will be useful to your readers as well as convey the message that you are on top of your game and a subject matter expert.

9. A Q&A Column gives your readers a chance to submit questions for you or other readers to answer. As a result, you’ll transition your blog from a monologue to a dialogue and make it more interactive and personal.

10. New Technology. The idea is to include any new technology that will help your readers do their business better whether new apps, software or gadgets. Be sure to include any relevant photos and links to sites for more information to review this new equipment before making a purchase.

You may also want to conduct an annual survey to ask your readers what topics they’d like to hear about so you continue to keep up to date on their informational needs. Finally, review your existing content. It can often inspire new content and can, if nothing else, be updated. Blog on…

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