Client Testimonials

Emma Fountain Solutions

Thank you WESST for letting me see my value and understand that things are different on this side of the pond. Without your help my business wouldn’t be sustainable!

Emma Fountain, Santa Fe, NM
Emma Fountain Solutions

Paleteria Michoacana El Paraiso

It's a wonderful feeling knowing that with WESST not only do we have an organization that supports us in growing a successful business, but it does it in Spanish, our first language!

Veronica Machorro, Paleteria Michoacana El Paraiso
Paleteria Michoacana El Paraiso


WESST has been the professional environment that allowed us to grow as a new IT company. The entire staff makes our team feel important by taking the time to listen to our concerns and guides us to solving the issues we are having.

Darrell K. DeMotta, Rebellis Development Group, LLC
Rebellis Development Group, LLC

Magin Mirror Photo NM

WESST has been extremely helpful in starting and growing my business over the last year. Whether it's marketing, time management, or the nuts and bolts of running my business, they are always there to help and answer any questions that I might have.

Keiosha Miller, Magic Mirror Photo NM
Magic Mirror Photo NM

Runway Hair Studio

I can’t thank Wesst enough for providing all the fundamentals for entrepreneurs, from all the classes that are offered, to the staff that works with you to help with the process of getting the financial backing you will need to start your business, WESST is more like a partner to your goals and success!

Natalie Tobin, Runway Hair Studio
Runway Hair Studio

Bhava Yoga Studio

WESST has allowed us to move forward with necessary projects that will enhance our business that we did not have the capacity to complete before and take our business to a new level. We are grateful for the expertise, knowledge, and support of WESST.

Mimi Ludden, Bhava Yoga Studio
Bhava Yoga Studio

Cutbow Coffee

WESST helped us to really take ownership of the experience and expertise that we brought to coffee here in Albuquerque, and that it could be a wise marketing and branding opportunity to highlight my experience as a coffee roaster. WESST helped us be less shy about the great things we were setting out to do.

Paul Gallegos, Cutbow Coffee
Cutbow Coffee

Anita Moss

Over the years WESST has kept me focused, exposed to new concepts and ideas, passionate and continuously learning and striving to accomplish more. WESST is always there when I need them.

Anita Moss, Mora, NM
Upcycled Fashion


WESST not only helped me with the nuts and bolts of getting my business started, they are the biggest cheerleaders ever! Their encouragement seems to come at just the right time to give me a little boost in confidence.

Sara LaMontine, #bowbymom, Roswell NM

Color Wheel Toys

After a thorough analysis, WESST provided clear and actionable advice I was able to apply immediately to my business. The advice was tailored to my values and goals for Color Wheel Toys and helped me make well-informed decisions.

Keri Piehl, Color Wheel Toys
Color Wheel Toys