Client Testimonials

Pioche Food Group

To know that if we have a question about anything and have someone to call or email at any time, is positive reinforcement to continue with our stay at WESST.

Justin Pioche, Pioche Food Group
Pioche Food Group

Voice Power Studios (VPS)

I give full credit to Bette Bradbury for helping me make the transition from being an actress in show business and having agents and managers do all the business side of life to learning how to create and manage a viable business

Sandy McKnight, Voice Power Studios (VPS)
Voice Power Studios (VPS)

Michelle Martin - Circle Round Boutique

Brad is always available whenever I have questions or concerns. He often brings up issues that perhaps I haven’t thought about, which makes me more comfortable knowing that I have a true resource that’s always willing to help out when needed.

Michelle Martin, Circle Round Boutique
Circle Round Boutique

Gypsie Soule

Working with WESST has proven to be a very positive experience. They cared about me, believed in me, and helped me when I needed it most!

Maryellen Self, Gypsie Soule
Gypsie Soule

Catopia Cat Cafe

WESST was instrumental in helping us get through all the obstacles of starting a business and getting our marketing messaging focused and effective. They helped us make Catopia a reality from our initial idea. My meetings and consultations helped keep us mentally sane in the wake of so many decisions needing to be made all at once

Sandy Dierks, Albuqueque, NM
Catopia Cat Café

Amanda Davison - The Family Connection

WESST has helped me develop from working in the business to working on the business, helping me to expand and create sustainable practices for my staff, clients and myself. Working with WESST has helped me step into being a business owner and I have grown tremendously, going from a couple of employees to 4 locations with an incredible team.

Amanda Davison, The Family Connection
The Family Connection

J Velez Remodeling

“WESST has been an amazing partner on our entrepreneurial journey. We can't believe all the help they have provided us. We feel blessed to have all that support, and in Spanish, our own language! We are so thankful"

Jose Velez, Albuqueque, NM
J. Velez Remodeling

Pi Luna Press LLC

WESST is an amazing resource for small business owners. I went to them when my business was in the beginning stages, and I was struggling to get customers. They completely turned my business around by giving me teaching opportunities in Santa Fe and rural New Mexico.

Pi Luna, Pi Luna Press LLC
Pi Luna Press LLC

Wild Horse Truck & Trailer Repair

We work on and in our business and handle our day to day activities; however, when something new pops up, we know we can reach out to WESST. We had just such a project recently. We had a short timeframe to respond, and working with Rhonda very closely allowed us to meet the deadline. We couldn’t have prevailed without Rhonda’s consistent communication and direction.

Chris Martinez, Roswell, NM
Wild Horse Truck & Trailer Repair

Parental Values

We are tackling a very competitive market: WESST has been essential for Parental Values LLC. because of their ability to conceptualize complex challenges that we’ve dealt with in this marketplace. It is important for small businesses like ours to be able to have that difficult conversation and WESST made that discussion much easier for us.

Jason Boxum, Parental Values, LLC
Parental Values, LLC