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Dodysdodat Creations

Dodysdodat Creations is jewelry made by Mary Bevers. Mary started making jewelry when she was 9 years old. After making jewelry for her friends and family as gifts, she decided to take her jewelry-making passion seriously and turn it into a business. She has been using her own funds and support from her husband to purchase all her supplies and materials needed to make her jewelry. Mary creates earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rosaries. She is also learning how to do photography and hopes to include this in her business as well.

Mary was introduced to WESST by word of mouth. WESST has worked very closely with her to help achieve her start-up goals. Her goals, were to set up Instagram and Etsy accounts and start an online e-commerce sales platform. She wanted to learn ways to market her jewelry business. To help achieve her goals Rhonda Gilliam-Smith gave her ideas, such as visiting local jewelry businesses in person and online to see their marketing style. After meeting every two weeks for a month regarding social media, Mary established an Instagram business account along with an Etsy account for her jewelry!  She now has her focus on E-Commerce options for her business. She will continually meet with Rhonda Gilliam-Smith and Hope Morones for support and guidance.

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Mary Bevers


Dodysdodat Creations

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"I am very confident that I have the tools and guidance from WESST to be successful. Because of WESST I was able to establish my Instagram and Etsy accounts for my business! Thank you WESST, Rhonda Gilliam-Smith and Hope Morones."
Mary Bevers
Roswell, NM

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