GenQuest Donates Fitness Challenges Winnings to WESST

By Lisa Walter, HR Manager, GenQuest, Inc. | February 22, 2013

On February 13, 2013 GenQuest, Inc., participated in their 1st annual fitness challenge with Menicucci Insurance Agency. GenQuest and Menicucci competed in 6 different fitness categories: plank, jump roping, calf raises, crunches, wall-sit, and push-ups. Each organization agreed to pay the non-profit of the winner’s choice $100 for each category that they won. GenQuest, being nearly undefeated in all categories (and tied once), chose to donate their $400 check from Menicucci Insurance Agency to the Women’s Economic Self-Sufficiency Team (WESST). GenQuest has had a great relationship with WESST for many years and has enjoyed continuing its support of WESST’s endeavors.

This fitness challenge was not just about raising money for a good cause; it was also about continuing GenQuest’s dedication to the work.Happy® philosophy. The work.Happy® philosophy consists of 7 principles (Respect, Support, Recognition, Dreams, Creativity, Balance and Growth), many of which were demonstrated throughout their entire training process, right up to the day of the challenge. All of the GenQuest participants needed to support each other mentally, physically and professionally, so that work tasks could be completed before it was time to leave for boot-camp training. GenQuest also had to have work-life balance and respect for each other in order to be successful during training. They also recognized each other’s accomplishments, whether they won or lost the category.

Thank you, GenQuest! Now, how about some fitness tips?

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