#getsnuggly with WESST Client: Snugglecubs Cookies

By Katie Knipe | September 2, 2020

Bill and Suzanne Slauson have been baking and sharing cookies with friends and family for the past 8 years. Infusing their cookies with love and an extra secret ingredient, “these cookies are delicious” – they were constantly hearing, “you could sell these!” When the Slauson kids moved out of the house, Bill and Suzanne turned their empty nest into a bakery where they could express their values of family, community, care and love, and Snugglecubs Cookies was born.

The Slausons already knew their business name, which was inspired by their pet name for their kids when they were babies, “snugglecubs.” They had their cookie recipes down and knew the direction in which they wanted to take their business, but they needed some extra guidance to help them take Snugglecubs to the next level. When Bill and Suzanne came to WESST and met Mark Gilboard, one of WESST’s talented business consultants, they found the expertise and support they needed to take off!

Bill, Suzanne and Mark embarked on a discovery process to explore business models and decide what felt most comfortable for how they wanted to grow Snugglecubs. They considered retail, wholesale, online sales and vendor models, discussed pricing and continued to evolve their business with Mark’s support. A significant part of Snugglecubs’ work with WESST involved marketing and branding. They participated in the WESST Pop-up Shop and in WESST’s Power Up Your Biz program, sponsored by PNM, where participating WESST clients received financial assistance for bookkeeping, accounting or marketing services.  Through the Power Up Your Business Program, Mark advised Bill and Suzanne on foundational principles of establishing their brand so that it stayed true to their original vision, and then connected them with a talented graphic designer Eli Quinn of Q Creative in Albuquerque to create their new logo and create a complete packaging redesign.

One of Bill and Suzanne’s goals is for Snugglecubs to become “New Mexico’s Cookie.” A different place in New Mexico inspires each cookie flavor. The red cherries in their cherry almond amaretto “Tularosa” cookies evoke the image of Tularosa’s famous roses. You can get your kicks by ordering a box of the Route 66 cookie, which is made with brown butter, bourbon pecans, and chocolate chips! “Snugglecubs is our first family, New Mexico is our second family,” they told us, which is why they’re so passionate about firmly bonding their brand with New Mexico.

As they’ve strengthened their business structure and marketing efforts with WESST’s support, Snugglecubs Cookies’ recognition has grown. You can find Snugglecubs Cookies at the Rail Yards Market. In their first year, folks would buy 1 or 2 cookies as a treat or snack to enjoy on the spot, but in their second year, remembering how delicious these cookies are, those same customers and more are buying boxes by the half dozen or dozen to share with friends and family, or to give as gifts! Snugglecubs Cookies was also voted “Best Cookie” in the Weekly Alibi. The editors raved, “these are thick-baked cookies packed with quality ingredients, finding that perfect balance of not too sweet and not too doughy, leaving you with an arguably perfect bite every time. I didn’t know cookies could be this gourmet, and I am so glad I now have knowledge of their existence.”

WESST is proud to support Bill and Suzanne Slauson and Snugglecubs Cookies on their way to becoming New Mexico’s Cookie! If you want to #getsnuggly with these cookies, you can find them at the Rail Yards Market, Three Sisters Kitchen, or of course you can order these for yourself or for gifts to send to others on their website! Find out about their latest flavors, where their cookies can be found next, and so much more on Facebook and Instagram @snugglecubscookies.

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Katie Knipe hails from Kingsport, TN and has worked in nonprofit management and arts administration for the past decade. She has dedicated her career to fundraising for organizations whose missions fuel her fire, including those who promote classical music performance and who serve people experiencing homelessness.

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