Perform Your Own Marketing Checkup in Two Easy Steps

By Mary Ellen Merrigan | February 18, 2011

Tips for preparing a marketing checklist

When did you last do a marketing check up? Where would you begin?

Just as a doctor doing a physical checkup looks at individual symptoms, such as blood pressure, temperature, and weight, you can use a similar process to perform a marketing checkup. Take a look at your current marketing efforts and define where improvements are needed. Let’s try it.

General Business Overview

Like most of us, you’ve probably evolved your business over time, adding collateral materials on an as needed basis. Maybe your logo has changed and not all materials have been updated. You might have added products to your offerings or changed pricing. Now is the time to audit your materials for accuracy and consistency.

For each item listed below, rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 as indicated: 


Review your scores. Note the items, if any, rated at three or less. These are the items that need your attention. Prioritize the list, and calendar some time to begin on item one.

Customer Communication


If you have begun to use social media as a way to get additional visibility, then your marketing checkup will result in the best possible presentation.

Personalize your customer experiences, ensuring that they see, hear, and most importantly, understand your message. In the table below you’ll find a few opportunities. Rate the importance of each item to your business.

Once again, your rating helps prioritize the importance of these tactics. If you listed as critical an item that’s yet to be developed, begin there. Or, if you have one or two “very important” ratings, develop a list of steps to improve that item.

One accounting firm decided to emphasize online marketing with a weekly email outreach and updated online listings for all products. They wisely decided to start small and build each quarter. You can do the same.

Small business owners who take stock of their marketing will gain impressive traction. Start your marketing checkup today and get going.

Mary Ellen Merrigan, a marketing and publicity consultant, is author of “The Six Week Marketing Master Plan.” To contact her or learn more visit the Merrigan Group website.

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