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WESST Visionaries

WESST Visionaries: Supporting Equitable Economic Development & Small Business Recovery»

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted small businesses throughout our nation. The total number of active U.S. business owners fell 22 percent from February to April, a drop of 3.3…

new year

Three New Year Resolutions Business Owners Should Keep»

As the New Year begins, many entrepreneurs are thinking about what their business can do better in 2015. While each individual business has different improvements they are able to make, here are three universally applicable “New Year’s Resolutions” every business owner should make a point to keep.

cash flow

Part 2: What Every Successful Business Owner Should Know About Their Business»

After creating the business development plan (outlined in my previous post), the second thing I believe the smart business owner must come to grips with is the daily cash flow break-even sales point. No rocket science here. If a business is to thrive, “cash in must exceed cash out.”

cash flow

How to Manage Your Cash Flow (and Keep Your Business Afloat)»

Money, or the lack of it, seems to be the main issue that constantly confronts small businesses. Whether the business is just starting or has been in business for awhile, they all need operating cash flow. Simply said, businesses need available cash to pay monthly bills, unforeseen expenses and for operations (keeping it afloat). Without cash flow, business owners could easily be out of business within a short time.