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WESST Happy Half Hour

Happy Half Hours with WESST»

With your support, WESST has been busier than ever, supporting our small business clients as they navigate this chaotic environment. Small businesses have been uniquely impacted by the pandemic and…

WESST Visionaries

WESST Visionaries: Supporting Equitable Economic Development & Small Business Recovery»

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted small businesses throughout our nation. The total number of active U.S. business owners fell 22 percent from February to April, a drop of 3.3…

skin in the game

The Ultimate Buy-In»

They say that you shouldn’t invest in an organization in which the participants don’t have “skin in the game”. There was a classic story told in which a group was meeting with an investment company to decide if they should make an investment in that company. The group asked the company where the employees had their own personal money. When told the employees had their money in bonds and other investment vehicles other than the investment company at issue, the group left the meeting. Nothing more needed to be said. Why should outsiders invest if those on the inside aren’t investing?

It’s All About Perspective

Giving: It’s All About Perspective»

As a non-profit, WESST only exists because of people and organizations giving us money to do what we do best—helping entrepreneurs from the idea stage to actually starting and expanding their own self-sufficient businesses. What is the perspective of our investors? Our investors want to know that the investment they are making is a good one. To answer that question, we have to be able to produce actual, quantifiable results.