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motivated in business, keep calm and carry on

Tips for Staying Motivated in Your Small Businesses»

As an observer by nature, I am always amazed at how individuals operate within a variety of settings and circumstances. One of the most fascinating topics to me has been motivation. I have seen people, who were driven by success or responsibility, push themselves and their families to the point of exhaustion, and wondered if they felt the results were worth it.

Google+ Pages for Businesses

Google Launches Google+ Pages for Businesses/Brands»

As news of Google’s official launch of Google+ Pages for Business spread rapidly across the Internet on Monday afternoon, digital marketers and brand managers for big companies scrambled to get their G+ pages created for their brands. I, too, rushed to get a page created for WESST by early afternoon. Did I jump on board too soon? Should you bother creating a Google+ page for your small business?

Have Customer Service Paradigms Shifted?

Have Customer Service Paradigms Shifted?»

Nowadays, we live in a relaxed environment. Granted, we are higher tech (cell phones instead of party lines, lap tops instead of manual typewriters, and wide screen, HD TV instead of 12” black and white), but can we say that our lives are better? As an observer, I’m always amazed at people shopping in pajama pants, flip flops, and oversized t-shirts (those are women). In businesses, I’ve been waited on by clerks who literally looked like they had just stepped out of bed (hair scrunched up, wrinkled clothes, and far too casual for my taste). We’ve all been met with indifference, rudeness, and a lack of care for the customer. Little if no training goes into how the customer is treated or to what extent the customer is right. How many times have we asked a clerk for a size, color, or item to be told, “Everything we have is out there; if it isn’t, we don’t have it?”