Ways to Support a Woman Owned Business

By Lorena Schott | May 8, 2022

Go out of your way to shop at women owned businesses

What is the best way to support women owned businesses? With your dollars. Businesses need customers to thrive and being intentional about where you shop makes a significant difference for women owned businesses. Skip major retailers and try to spend more consciously if possible. Make it a point to research women business owners to ensure you’re supporting local businesses and the community when you are out shopping.

Promote women owned businesses on social media

Even if you’re not able to monetarily support women owned businesses, spreading the word is just as important! Promote businesses on social media by sharing your positive experiences, building awareness around local businesses, and help them draw in new customers. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are all important channels for small businesses, and you can share content to encourage others to shop from women owned businesses.

Have a set amount of money in your budget to support women owned restaurants and businesses

If you’re looking for ways to support small businesses consistently, try to allocate some money towards them every month. For example, if you usually spend a certain amount eating out, try to make at least one of the meals from a small business. That way, you get to try something new while also supporting entrepreneurship in a consistent way.

Write and post reviews of great women owned shops and businesses

Found a business that provided excellent service or products and is owned by women? Post reviews about it! Shoppers increasingly rely on reviews to make purchasing decisions, and every review helps. Writing detailed, positive reviews across platforms like Google, Yelp, or for their Etsy shop (depending on the business) helps boost their visibility and helps them gain new customers.

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10 Women Owned Businesses to Support

If you’re looking for women owned business to support, we’ve rounded up some amazing ones for you to check out. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, think of it as a starting point as you start spending more money more consciously and supporting small businesses where possible.

Barro by Lucrecia

Lucrecia creates beautifully detailed utilitarian ceramics. Her artistic creations are owned worldwide and considered highly collectible.

Tiffany Burke Events, LLC

Tiffany Burke Events is a family-based business serving clients since 2017. They are a full-service design and partial planning team for any event in the Albuquerque area. From weddings and elopements to parties and corporate events, Tiffany’s team is prepared to help you elevate your event’s experience. Their full-service production capabilities include floral design, event design, rentals, dessert bars, sweetheart tables, and more.

Kei & Molly Textiles

Kei & Molly are a textile design company that crafts the highest quality hand-printed fabric goods while creating good jobs for immigrants and refugees in the community.

Slate Street Cafe

Locally owned and centrally located in downtown Albuquerque, Slate Street Café features a cool, spacious interior, our award-winning Wine Loft, and shaded patio dining in the fresh New Mexico air. Serving craft beers, interesting wines, exceptional food, and house made gourmet cupcakes.

Diane’s Bakery & Deli

Diane’s has been created with hard work, love, family, community, and healthy unprocessed ingredients. They are nestled in the middle of Historic Silver City.  They have been serving Grant County for over 20 years.

Hustle Kindness

A marketplace grounded in the pure intention to promote and inspire putting kindness into action. Offering thoughtful goods that can make a profound, positive change in people’s lives

Worthington Pecan Farm

Our passion is pecans and inspiring others to love and appreciate our native nut as much as we do through our products, recipes, education and behind the scene videos.

Recycle Runway

Artist and environmental educator Nancy Judd of Recycle Runway creates couture fashion from trash as an innovative way to provide education about conservation.

Brightburn Academy of Irish Dance

Where Passion and Determination Come Together to Build Confidence Through Irish Dance

Paleteria La Reyna Michoacana

When it comes to irresistibly delicious snacks La Reyna Michoacana is the place to be, with custom recipes you won’t find anywhere else. We capture the taste of your favorite treats and magnify them into exceptional snacks.

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