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The WESST RISE Campaign

YOU can help small businesses when they need it most!

As COVID-19 pervades communities across New Mexico, local small businesses have been hit hard and fast. Our clients across all sectors are feeling the repercussions as they rapidly shift how they serve their customers in response to this pandemic. In this chaotic time filled with uncertainty, small businesses are bracing themselves for painful long-term impacts.

Below is a quick indication of what our clients are MOST concerned about.

*NM Small Businesses answering “Other” for their concerns centered around two main concepts: “Paying Bills” and “All of the Above”, while a few were “lack of sales” and even “losing (or closing) my business”

Individuals across our community are wondering how they can support small businesses so they aren’t forced to shut their doors.

WESST is actively refocusing our regular programming to meet the unprecedented needs that have emerged from this global crisis. Examples of how we will be working with small businesses include:

  • Business & Financial Assessments Given Current Realities
  • Short-term Business Planning (30-60-90 Day Plans)
  • Pivoting Your Business
  • Marketing in a Digital World
  • Breakeven & Cashflow Projections (today through the end of 2020)
  • Negotiation Skills

Small businesses need WESST’s help now more than ever, and we need you. Throughout this crisis, WESST’s expert consultants are continuing to serve our clients through remote consultations and trainings. We are preparing to adapt our services and serve an ever-expanding pool of clients statewide who will look to WESST for advice and support to make recovery possible. When we reach the light at the end of this tunnel, with your support, WESST will still be here prepared to serve New Mexico’s small business community at an even higher volume than usual.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of New Mexico’s economy, and they enrich our community in so many interesting, beautiful ways. Please join us in Responding to, Impacting, Supporting and Elevating our small business community in the wake of this pandemic by supporting the WESST RISE Campaign!

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