Fuel Cost-Saving Tips for Small Businesses

By Lorena Schott | July 21, 2022

The high price of fuel is creating rising prices for all kinds of goods and services as businesses struggle to cover their costs.

Small businesses that use vehicles as part of their daily operations will be hit the hardest and may administer extra charges to offset rising gas prices to help maintain their profit levels. Additionally, some businesses may begin to limit their service and delivery areas, targeting smaller regions to help reduce their fuel costs.

If your business relies on some sort of transportation to operate, check out these handy tips from Inc, that may help your small business save on fuel costs.

Train your drivers to drive

Driving aggressively is not only dangerous, but it can increase fuel consumption. Make sure drivers are properly trained to reduce aggressive driving habits. These habits include braking too quickly, accelerating too rapidly, and turning corners too sharply.

Slow down

Driving at slower speeds is more efficient for the vehicle and safer for the operator. Additionally, driving the speed limit is safer for all those sharing the road.

Monitor idling

If your sales associates have turned their cars into an office or if your drivers are sitting in the air conditioning between deliveries, they’re using an enormous amount of fuel — a quarter to a half gallon of fuel per hour or more to be exact, according to data from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Cut down on unnecessary trips

Fewer trips reduce fuel costs simply because drivers can be proactive and efficient, combining errands into a single trip instead of several throughout the day. One longer trip can reduce the amount of gas used by half, rather than many short outings where the engine must start and warm up every time. Plan trips in advance and cluster deliveries, tasks, errands and service calls into common regions to reduce the number of trips taken.

Empower your people

When making changes to driving practices or installing new technology, keep employees at the forefront, and they’ll thank you with savings.

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