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Snugglecubs Cookies

#getsnuggly with WESST Client: Snugglecubs Cookies»

Bill and Suzanne Slauson have been baking and sharing cookies with friends and family for the past 8 years. Infusing their cookies with love and an extra secret ingredient, “these…

WESST Consulting

What Happens in a WESST Consulting Appointment?»

One service WESST offers to small business owners is one-on-one consulting. Whether you have the beginnings of an idea for a small business start-up, or have been in business for thirty years, we can help you with information and tools to help you create strategies, solve problems, and move your business forward. Here are answers to some common questions about WESST’s consulting services.

outside the box

Thinking Outside of the Box (a Technique for Marketing)»

The term, “Thinking Out of the Box,” is one of the most overused and under-appreciated phrases in modern marketing. In fact, most people would define the term as “a different way, of thinking, from the norm.” However, the problem lies in asking and answering, “What is the norm?”