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WESST Small Business Loans Include a Bonus: Support to Help You Succeed

One of the obstacles most commonly reported by entrepreneurs — particularly first-time business owners — is the difficulty obtaining capital to start or grow a business. WESST helps to bridge this gap by providing no-to-low interest rate small business loans in addition to training and consulting services. As a microlender, we specialize in financing viable businesses that, for whatever reason, do not meet the criteria of banks or other traditional lenders. Our loan program is targeted to Women, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), Immigrants, Refugees, and low-wealth New Mexicans.

Our small business financial services offer several advantages over other micro-lending operations in the state:

  • Our loan program focuses on building relationships through critical business consulting, training, technical assistance, and other support services to our loan recipients, in order to maximize their chances of success.
  • Our small business loan rates and fees are extremely competitive, and often the lowest available.

The value of the support services that we provide to our loan recipients is evidenced by the extremely low default rate on our small business loans.

Our microloan program has been used for many business purposes including the following:

  • Jumpstart – No-to-Low interest rate small business loans to launch a business idea into reality or to jumpstart a start-up business in need of that extra capital. Loan clients will work closely with our consultants and trainers to get their business started before and after the loan funds are received.
  • Technology Toolkit™ – Low-cost small business loans to purchase computers, laptops, software, computer accessories and/or to cover the costs associated with setting up or enhancing a business website.
  • Credit Builder Bootcamp – No-to-Low interest rate small business loans for the purpose of building a positive credit history or to improve an existing score paired with courses to help you understand how your credit works.
  • Fund My Food Truck – No-to-low interest rate small business loans for the purpose of purchasing or renovating a food truck or trailer.
  • COVID-19 Business Recovery – No-to-low interest rate small business loans for businesses impacted by the pandemic. There is no “business start date” requirement like those found in federal and state recovery programs.

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Loan Eligibility and Requirements

WESST is one of three SBA micro-lenders in New Mexico that provide loans to small business owners who might not qualify for traditional bank loans. We offer both start-up loans for new businesses and loans to existing businesses. Eligibility guidelines and other important details about our loans are outlined in the Eligibility Requirements for a WESST loan.


Our accomplishments reflect the character of our team.

From the top down, our experienced staff operates in a team-oriented, collaborative environment that helps foster small business solutions to share with our clients. We are prodigious learners, meticulous listeners, and natural problem solvers. Our collective experience is our foundation and it grows stronger with every new challenge we face and every new client we help.

Sandro Tonini

Sandro Tonini
Vice President of Lending

Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams
Loan Operations Officer

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Madayi Chavez
Loan Assistant