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National Women’s Small Business Month

National Women’s Small Business Month!»

October is National Women’s Small Business Month, which means it’s time to celebrate women-owned businesses everywhere, as well as the outstanding progress female entrepreneurs have made over the years. Did…

How To Make Remote Performance Reviews Work

How To Make Remote Performance Reviews Work»

One of the greatest challenges any small business faces is the effective delivery of employee feedback, and especially those periodic performance reviews. In the time of COVID-19 and its remote…

Snugglecubs Cookies

#getsnuggly with WESST Client: Snugglecubs Cookies»

Bill and Suzanne Slauson have been baking and sharing cookies with friends and family for the past 8 years. Infusing their cookies with love and an extra secret ingredient, “these…

Social Media Mastery

Eight Key Steps Down the Path to Social Media Mastery»

Choose Your Platforms. Different Social Media Channels have different target audiences. Some are better for bigger, more generalized audiences (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) while some are better for niche, or more…

WESST Happy Half Hour

Happy Half Hours with WESST»

With your support, WESST has been busier than ever, supporting our small business clients as they navigate this chaotic environment. Small businesses have been uniquely impacted by the pandemic and…

WESST Visionaries

WESST Visionaries: Supporting Equitable Economic Development & Small Business Recovery»

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted small businesses throughout our nation. The total number of active U.S. business owners fell 22 percent from February to April, a drop of 3.3…

Small Business Resources

Small Business Resources For Those Affected by the Current Health Crisis»

Being a small business owner is tireless. Entrepreneurs are continuously tasked with all facets of enterprise- always learning new things, adapting to market conditions, staying abreast of the constantly changing…

Business Plan

Why a business plan is important and some tips to help you stick to your plan»

Starting a business is an endeavor that requires abundant energy, planning and perseverance. Many potential small-business owners will ask themselves, “Do I really need a business plan? I know what…

grow business

Tips for Growing A Business»

Oftentimes, growing a business is like starting a new business, especially when adding a second location. Businesses grow from one level to the next, step by step, inch by inch, always discovering what works and what does not. If all businesses were identical and every business owner was the same, growing a business would be a cinch – in every case. However…

outside the box

Thinking Outside of the Box (a Technique for Marketing)»

The term, “Thinking Out of the Box,” is one of the most overused and under-appreciated phrases in modern marketing. In fact, most people would define the term as “a different way, of thinking, from the norm.” However, the problem lies in asking and answering, “What is the norm?”