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Small Business COVID-19 Best Practices

WESST Guide to Small Business COVID-19 Best Practices»

The Coronavirus has hit our New Mexico economy especially hard. Here at WESST we are working with our small business clients each and every day to help weather this difficult…

Small Business Resources

Small Business Resources For Those Affected by the Current Health Crisis»

Being a small business owner is tireless. Entrepreneurs are continuously tasked with all facets of enterprise- always learning new things, adapting to market conditions, staying abreast of the constantly changing…

Communication Suggestions

Communication Suggestions for Small Businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic»

If you’ve been feeling concerned about what’s going on with COVID-19, you’re not alone. Small businesses across the country are facing lots of challenges during this time. Below are some…

WESSST Clients

How to Support Small Businesses During the Coronavirus Outbreak»

We are all feeling the impact of COVID-19 in some way or another. Small businesses are the backbone of New Mexico and need your support at this time now more…

L Siegel

Client Spotlight – Shadowlands Design»

LEAH SIEGEL, SHADOWLANDS DESIGN makes limited-edition fine art wearables and functional items that transform the ordinary. Inspired by the dramatic landscapes of the Southwest, Shadowlands Design’s products feature bold abstract digital…

Mark Gilboard

Staff Spotlight – Mark Gilboard»

Mark joined the WESST ABQ team in April 2017. We are happy to have him as part of the WESST family and hope you enjoy learning a little more about…

How to find the right loan

How to Find the Right Loan for Your Small Business»

Looking for funds to start a small business? Need capital to expand an existing one? If the answer is “yes,” the next step for many owners is a trip to…

Fresh Perspective

Find a Fresh Perspective and Get Your Business Back on Track»

Sometimes the answer to a small business problem is looking right at you—but you just can’t see it. That’s when WESST Regional Manager Clint Reecer tells owners it’s time to get a fresh perspective.

motivated in business, keep calm and carry on

Tips for Staying Motivated in Your Small Businesses»

As an observer by nature, I am always amazed at how individuals operate within a variety of settings and circumstances. One of the most fascinating topics to me has been motivation. I have seen people, who were driven by success or responsibility, push themselves and their families to the point of exhaustion, and wondered if they felt the results were worth it.